21st Century
Chiropractic Care

Your ability to heal, function, and thrive in your health relies on nerve connections in your spine. In many people, these connections are compromised. We help your brain connect the dots to self heal. Our approach is different, gentle, and advanced.

Welcome to Crux Chiropractic

We help your brain connect the dots to self heal. We accomplish this using very gentle adjustments to the spine and the most advanced technology available to get to the root of your problem

Our Services

Neurologically based care

At Crux, we welcome all people from newborns and children, to elderly, pregnant mums, families, athletes, first responders and people who have tried everything only to have lost hope. We help people prevent illness and enhance their health to its highest potential.

Getting you back to the things you enjoy

Correcting Long Standing Problems

Getting the best start in life and preventing future problems

Proper Recovery after injuries

Get Your Life Style Back

Stop your health challenges in their tracks

Why Choose us

Neurologically based care

If you’re looking to identify core problems in your health and receive permanent natural solutions; you are in the right place.

Advanced Nerve Technology

See the health of your body at the core; BEYOND symptoms.

Our Philosophy

Your Nerve System controls healing. Proper Nerve System = Proper Healing. We believe Drugs and Surgery should be the last resort not the first.


Onsite Digital X-ray Imaging

Problems don’t happen overnight, SYMPTOMS do. See how long your problem has been occurring so we can correct it.

21st Century Chiropractic Care

Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a gentle, research based technique, suitable for all.

What our clients say

At Crux Chiropractic our staff is prepared to discuss what challenges you may be experiencing in your health and how we may help you address those challenges.