Two terms that Doctor’s of Chiropractic often use are Corrective Care, and Wellness Care…

What does it mean for your health?


Corrective Care

Corrective Care refers to the correction of a problem. Rather than being a band-aid or giving temporarily relief to a pain or problem, most people would like their problem resolved. Masking symptoms doesn’t fix anything. But what about Neurologically Based Chiropractic Corrective Care? The Nerve System controls and coordinates every muscle, joint, and organ in the body. Therefore, if you are looking to correct an underlying health problem, the Nerve System needs to be working properly.

Your Neurologically Based Chiropractor talks about corrective care they are referring about removing the built up layers of stress and dysfunction your Nerve System has experienced. Once those deeper layers of stress and pathways throughout your Nerve System are corrected then typically your pain and problem will resolve.

Wellness Care

Wellness care was once known as maintenance care. Once your health problem is corrected through a Corrective Health Program do you want the problem to come back? Typically the answer is no, and thus maintenance care was born. However today many people who value their health not only want to maintain it, they want to improve it. Gone are the days of just maintaining health. Wellness Care constantly improves your health.

When you go to a Neurologically Based Chiropractor you will be educated on the many benefits of Wellness Care. The cool thing is after your initial health problems have been corrected, you can start to think about how much better do you want to become?


Your Nerve System has an ability to constantly improve even if you don’t have back pain, headaches or any symptoms at all, it’s called “neuroplasticity”. It means your brain and nerves are “plastic” in regard to being able to change and mold to your needs. Remember that time when you were learning to drive a car? It was hard at first, you have the signal light, radio, hands on the wheel, maybe even a clutch pedal to control. Now I bet you often drive places and FORGET how you got there! That’s neuroplasticity at it’s finest, your brain has learned to do the same task and not use as much energy. How about your body being able to take up golf or any activity you would like WITHOUT PAIN. After all, you aren’t getting any younger. Wellness Care is all about constantly getting better!


Talk to your local Neurological Chiropractor if you are looking to correct some underlying health challenges or maybe even start a wellness care program, it’s more than just pain! Think about your potential!