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Technological Advancement

In the past 125 years, chiropractic has evolved with the advancement of technology, science, and the chiropractic adjustment. It is now known that your health is determined by the ability of your body to overcome (adapt to) your environment (physical, mental, and nutritional lifestyle choices). The master control system over your health and body is the Nerve System.

The Nerve System

If the Nerve System is compromised through what we call Nerve Interference or Subluxation, your brain has a reduced ability to communicate with your body. Your body is then typically stuck in survival mode or “Fight or Flight” which shuts down every healing process in your body. In Chiropractic we are now able to look deeper into how well your Nerve System is overcoming (adapting to) your lifestyle choices and therefore get your body healing properly.

If your body isn’t adapting, it’s most certainly not healing the very health problems you are looking for answers too.

“Once you correct the issues within the Nerve System and spine, you take the body out of survival mode; that way, your body is able to heal from the health challenges the way it was designed…by itself”


Dr. Brock

You will be blown away once you understand how much the Nerve System impacts your health, it’s not simply connected to back pain and headaches, it’s your entire body and health


Dr. Thea

This evolution is happening all over the world

One of the leading areas in Chiropractic is New Zealand, where Dr’s Brock and Thea received their training. The goal of starting Crux Chiropractic was to bring an advanced and evolved form of chiropractic to Kamloops. We wanted to move away from the image of chiropractic being ‘cracking bones’ and only beneficial for people with ‘bad backs’. We brought the most advanced tools in chiropractic from New Zealand to change the story of chiropractic back to its roots…restoring total health.


Your health is your greatest asset and good health is not guaranteed

Your health is always moving in one of two directions; towards health or away from health. Statistics show that if you choose to do nothing to be proactive with your health in today’s society, you are likely to develop a chronic illness. It’s common knowledge that diet and exercise promotes health, though you may not realize the important role your Nerve System’s plays in how your body is healing, detoxing and adapting. This means your nerve system plays a key role in keeping you healthy regardless of what type of health condition you may or may not have, and is absolutely essential to your health and healing.

Correcting Long Standing Chronic Problems

Proper Recovery after an Injury or Accident

Getting the best start in life and preventing future problems

Bringing your health to the next level

Getting you back to the things you enjoy

Your body’s ability to naturally heal itself is far greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe

Ever wonder why the body can heal a cut, but you just can’t seem to get rid of that chronic health problem or health challenge? You may have been told it runs in your family or that pills and surgery are the only answer.

The truth is, your body is self-healing. In order for you to be 100% healthy and to live your lifestyle without problems, the communication along the spinal cord and nerves has to be 100%.

The spinal cord and nerves are protected by the spine. When the spine isn’t working properly it affects the function of the spinal cord and nerves, we call this a Vertebral Subluxation. Vertebral Subluxation interferes with your brain and body’s ability to communicate, thus your body starts to break down, eventually leading to ill health, injuries, and challenges.

Our approach is to identify core problems in your body that may be causing signs and symptoms, but more importantly, we identify things that are drastically affecting your health and you likely had no idea about. Neurological Chiropractors seek to correct areas of Vertebral Subluxation regularly, allowing your body to heal and function the way it was designed. Proper Nerve System function leads to proper health.

Our Technique

Torque Release Technique (TRT)

The primary chiropractic technique at Crux Chiropractic is called Torque Release Technique (TRT). The TRT Model is based on advances in our understanding of the human body and nerve system.

This technique focuses on the vital points of connection between the spinal cord and spinal bones. TRT uses advanced analysis to locate what is known as the primary subluxation – that is, the one subluxation at any given time that is influencing all others. Specific adjustments which are delivered to the levels of primary subluxation, rather than areas of compensation, may promote proper tension and tone within the spinal cord and nerve system. This leads to correction and positive health outcomes, rather than just a temporary relief approach.

Torque Release Technique is not a technique to manually stretch or realign your body. Rather TRT stimulates your nerve system so it will release and reduce tension. With reduced tension on the spinal cord and nerves there is improved communication along the nerves, ultimately leading to better body function and health.

The Integrator

The instrument we use to make chiropractic adjustments is called the Integrator. Traditional chiropractic adjustments are done by hand. The Integrator is designed to be more specific and more reproducible than ever possible by hand.

Most importantly, there is a barrier for some to receive chiropractic due to the fear of traditional manual or manipulative adjustments to the spine. The technique and instrument we utilize allows us to make adjustments without any twisting, cracking, or popping so that they can remain gentle and comfortable for everyone from newborns to seniors. The technique and instrument are so gentle we can even help someone that has spinal fusions, bulging discs, rods, degeneration, arthritis, and other spinal concerns that require very careful consideration.

State-of-the-art Nerve Technology

Typically we are taught that if we feel good, things in the body are working properly. Many of us are frustrated with this approach to health; that is, basing our health on symptoms alone. The symptom approach to health doesn’t address the problem and is similar to putting tape over the check engine light in your car.

This technology measures beyond the symptoms and shows how well your Nerve System is working. The technology establishes reliable, scientifically valid data that is used to identify core problems in your Nerve System and track your progress.

This way you can be confident in our recommendations, our care, and your health results.

Onsite Digital X-ray Imaging Technology

Injuries and stress build up in your spine over time. We don’t guess how long problems in your Nerve System have been developing, and symptoms are often not an accurate measure of time or severity.

This technology allows us to identify the damaging effects of any past trauma and stress your body has been through, as well as notifying us of any specific care modifications for you.

If determined by one of our Chiropractors that you need Chiropractic Specific Postural X-rays there is no need to wait as we can have them taken in house. You can get started toward better health immediately.