Our Services

What to expect on your first visit

Fill in the New Practice Member Application

All New Practice Members fill in the New Practice Member Application Form as completely as possible

Tour the office

Have a tour of our office so you are comfortable and know where everything is

Consult with an expert

A one-on-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health challenges and goals, uncover the layers of past damage/trauma and to help determine the origin of your health issues

Get an Assessment

A comprehensive Chiropractic Evaluation and Neurological Testing will be performed to further determine the extent to which Vertebral Subluxation is affecting your health.

Assessment Review

We will immediately sit down with you to review the results from the Chiropractic Evaluation and Neurological Testing.


We will advise you if additional tests are needed including any Chiropractic Specific Postural X-rays

This concludes your first visit to our office

We spend quality time reviewing your case before your next visit to ensure we are delivering the best care for you.

New Practice Member
Report of Findings

Your Individual Report of Findings which occurs on your second visit, at which time your current condition of health will be discussed.

The doctors will have determined if you are a candidate for Chiropractic Care and a thorough explanation of any tests you’ve had, care recommendations, and action steps will be discussed. Including finances and how we can help you reach your health goals.

Initiate care and start on your path to achieving your Greatest Health Potential!

At Crux, we welcome all people from newborn infants to elderly, pregnant mums, families, high level athletes, first responders, people who have tried everything and lost hope, and people looking to enhance their health to its highest potential.

Are poor nerve connections affecting you in ways you have no idea about?

At Crux Chiropractic we specialize in long-lasting results; whether that means correcting long-standing problems, allowing proper recovery after an injury, or taking your health to the next level. Poor nerve connections may or may not create symptoms, but most certainly they create problems you likely have no idea about. We know one thing for certain, poor nerve connections do not promote health! We help your brain connect the dots in order to self heal. Let’s work together to remove any blockages that are stopping your body from healing and functioning the way it’s designed.

In case you didn’t know, your body is designed to be healthy!

This style of Chiropractic care can have endless benefits, to mention a few

  • Improved balance, less fall risk, better coordination
  • Less injuries, faster recovery, higher adaptability
  • More appropriate healing and detox response
  • Increased mobility, less muscle tension, stronger muscle activation
  • Better sleep, more energy, less anxiety and low moods