10 most frequently asked questions

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1. Why it DOESN'T make sense to base your health on how you feel?

We can’t feel the majority of how our body is working internally. Only 10% of our nerves and signals from our brain to the different body parts are dedicated to carrying signals about pain and symptoms. The remaining 80-90% is dedicated to controlling muscle movement and organ function – and are all things we can’t feel! Nerve dysfunction can be present up to 80% of the time without pain.

2. Does it Hurt?

The specific style we use is very gentle  Check out our ‘About Us’ section to learn more!

3. What is a Subluxation or Nerve Interference?

A Subluxation or Nerve Interference is an area in the spine that has improper movement in relation to other spinal segmentsis causing interference to the brain messages traveling along the spinal cord and nerves. We adjust the spine very specifically and gently to remove subluxations to restore proper function and nerve flow.

4. If this care doesn’t cure anything what does it do?

The body is self-healing and our goal is not to treat any particular symptom or condition. We restore the nerves in the spine back to proper function and allow the body to heal itself. Your body is self healing and in order to do so you need your Nerve System to work properly with the spine.

5. Why do we take Chiropractic Specific X-rays?

By seeing what the structure of your spine looks like we can understand how long the problem has been occurring and how long your nerve system has been compromised. It makes a lot of sense to understand how long your health challenges have been there before we recommend how much care you need to get better, otherwise we are guessing and we don’t guess with people’s health. .

6. Who is this care for?

Neurological Chiropractic Care is suited for anyone wanting to improve their health, including elderly, weekend warriors or professional athletes. Our unique approach can help anyone with chronic problems or acute injuries. Even babies and pregnant mothers can be cared for.

7. What can Neurological Chiropractic help with?

Neurological Chiropractic focuses on increasing the function of your Nerve System. Because your Nerve System controls every healing process, body function, muscle and cell in your body; you’d probably be surprised what we can help with. Many don’t even realize we can help with your health beyond a common back or neck ache. Let our testimonials speak for themselves!

8. What is the ‘crack’ noise often associated with chiropractic adjustments?

Sometimes with manual adjustments there may be a pop or a crack, and is just gas equalizing inside the joint, similar to what happens when you crack your knuckles. The noise is not significant to the adjustment itself. The bones don’t move in and out of place like once thought, and the crack doesn’t indicate whether the chiropractor ‘got it’ or not. Chiropractors are highly trained to understand and look for a positive change in your nerve system and whether the adjustment corrected the nerve interference (subluxation).

9. Why you might be sore after an adjustment?

Underlying nerve dysfunction may have been present for a long time already, the body will go through some dramatic changes in the beginning of your healing process, and sometimes you may feel sore after an adjustment because muscles that haven’t been working properly in a long time have been turned on. It is similar to going to the gym for the first time in a long time, you will feel a little sore for a couple of days. These healing sensations are completely normal and to be expected.

10. Do I have to keep coming back with this type of care?

You don’t, the choice in your health care is always yours. The truth is, once you understand how important it is to take care of your Nerve System for overall health and experience the benefit from chiropractic care, it makes sense to continue receiving the care so you keep receiving the benefit. It would be silly to ask your dentist when you can stop brushing your teeth wouldn’t it? Your Nerve System controls every aspect of your life and health, so it’s a pretty important thing to maintain, and many people choose to maintain health rather than lose it again.