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Doctor of Chiropractic


Doctor of Chiropractic

"Hi I'm Brock. I love seeing the possibilities that chiropractic care and good health can bring to peoples' lives. I am passionate about working with families and people who want natural sustainable health and are excited about exploring life.

When I am not at Crux Chiropractic you can find me anywhere in the Kamloops back-country.


I am excited to serve you and your family toward your next level of health!"

"Hi I'm Thea. Originally from Norway, my passion is to help people realize their true health potential and achieve the greatest expression of themselves. I love educating pregnant moms about the potential chiropractic can have on their body and  baby's nerve system.

When I am not at Crux Chiropractic you can find me out and about exploring beautiful Kamloops with Brock and our Miniature Schnauzer puppy Haddy.

I can't wait to show what the experience at Crux Chiropractic can do for you and your family's health!"