How is Torque Release Technique (TRT) different than other chiropractic techniques?


A Torque Release Technique (TRT)  adjustment can be delivered with the spine in a perfectly relaxed neutral position with the right amount of force. There is a barrier for many people to receive chiropractic care due to the fear of traditional manual or manipulative adjustments to the spine. We choose to use TRT as our primary technique to remove that barrier, provide comfort, and allow our Practice Members to experience the gentle reproducible results that Torque Release Technique delivers.

The Integrator™

Out of the first state-of-well-being/addiction research study, and the largest human population research study in chiropractic history, comes the Integrator™.

The Integrator™ is the only chiropractic adjusting instrument that was developed out of blinded randomized clinical trial, and with a placebo control. The study was designed by Robert Duncan, Ph. D., biostatistician, at the University of Miami School of Medicine, together with the Holder Research Institute and founded in part by a grant from the Florida Chiropractic Society. Years of development, testing, and design went into creating an instrument that would deliver a three dimensional dynamic adjustment that adjustments by hand strive for, and no other instrument in chiropractic deliver - 1) FORCE 2) TORQUE and 3) RECOIL.

The Integrator™ reproduces the entire thrust and movement components of TOGGLE RECOIL, the classic Chiropractic Method of adjusting by hand at a speed of 1/10,000th of a second. No instrument in chiropractic history has been able to reproduce what the hands were intended to do. Many other features are built into the Integrator™ however the precocking/tip-sensitive automatic release mechanism makes the Integrator™ the first and only chiropractic adjusting instrument capable of true inter-professional reproducibility. 

The Integrator™ automatically discharges when a predetermined contact pressure is reached. The Integrator™ is the only handheld instrument with adjustable left and right "TORQUE" capability as well as "RECOIL" , and unlike most other instruments available, FDA approved.

The attributes that make an Integrator™ adjustment different from other chiropractic adjustments are:

1) PRECISE: When using an Integrator™ the Doctor can pinpoint the exact point on the spine that requires an adjustment to improve nerve function.

2) SPECIFIC: The force, frequency of energy, torque, speed and thrust provided by the Integrator™ have all been tailor-made to deliver the perfect amount of energy to help normalize nerve function.

3) GENTLE: An Integrator™ adjustment can be delivered with the spine in a perfectly relaxed neutral position with the right amount of force. A properly used Integrator™ may be used on babies, kids, elderly who may be concerned with brittle bones and even people recovering from spinal surgery.

4) FAST: The incredibly fast but shallow impulse is one of the components to the effectiveness of this adjustment while being so gentle.

5) RECOIL: Another benefit built into the Integrator™ is recoil. This fast "rebound" or retraction after the impulse increases the body’s response.

6) TORQUE: Subatomic particles, atoms, muscles, and human bodies move in three dimensions. The three-dimensional impulse of the Integrator™ maximizes the effectiveness on the human body.

7) EFFECTIVE: The benefits of Integrator™ adjustments have been measured by scientific research and this research has been published in major peer-reviewed medical journals.

8) RELIABLE: The way that the Integrator™ delivers an adjustment is very consistent and reliable so that the right amount of force and energy is transmitted on each and every adjustment.

9) CONSISTENT: The systems that are used with TRT and the features of the Integrator™ are very standardized which means that several practitioners using the same method can deliver the same results and experience.

10) RECOGNIZED: The Integrator™ holds several patents and is a legally marketed device for the adjustment of the Vertebral Subluxation—only available to licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.

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