At Crux Chiropractic we measure and track your progress, so you know exactly where your health is at all times. We use state-of-the-art technology when assessing you in order to measure and track your health function.


Each practice member receives a Core Score so they know exactly how well their Nerve System is coping. This technology establishes reliable, scientifically valid, and quantitative data that we use to track your progress. This way you can be confident in our recommendations, care, and most importantly your health.

We host onsite Digital X-ray Imaging Technology. This technology allows us to see into the past trauma and stress

your body has been through as well as notify us of any specific care modifications for you.

If determined by one of our Chiropractors that you need Chiropractic Specific Postural X-rays there is no need to wait as we can have them taken in house. You can get started toward better health immediately.

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