Step 1

All New Practice Members are requested to fill out the New Practice Member health form as completely as possible.

Please read and sign all other forms.

Step 2

Have a tour of our office so you are comfortable and know where everything is.

Step 3

A one-on-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health issues and goals, uncover the layers of past damage/trauma and to help determine the origin of your health issues.

You may be asked to perform specific tests to determine the exact components involved in your health problems. These tests can provide vital information regarding your motor skills, gait and balance, range of motion, muscle tone and strength, and overall integrity of your nervous system conclusively leading the doctor to a better understanding of your current state of health.

A short physical assessment may be performed utilizing both motion and static palpation to explore the state of your spine and other structures, as well as provide information on any stimuli that may cause pain or discomfort.

Step 4

The Specific Chiropractic Assessment:


A comprehensive Chiropractic Evaluation and Neurological Testing

will be performed to further determine the extent to which

Vertebral Subluxation is affecting your health.

Using State-of-the-Art Technology we will locate any areas of dysfunction within your body.

Step 5

We will advise you if additional tests are needed including any

Chiropractic Specific Postural X-rays.

This concludes your first visit in the office. We spend quality time reviewing your case before your next visit to ensure we are delivering the best care for you.

Step 6

Your Next Visit: New Practice Member Orientation

The purpose of the Orientation is to answer all of your questions up front,

so there are no unknowns and you understand exactly what you will be seeing as we go over your findings with you.

Step 7

Your individual Report of Findings will take place after the Orientation,

at which time your current condition of health will be discussed.

The doctor will have decided if you are a candidate for Chiropractic Care and

a thorough explanation of care recommendations and action steps will be discussed, including finances and how we can help you reach your health goals.

Step 8

Initiate care and start on your path to achieving your Greatest Health Potential!

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